Artist Spotlight: Samosa TV

Interview: Samosa TV

Introducing Samosa Tv a masala of fun, funny and balls out wacky videos!

Founded by Richard Mendez of Los Angeles, California, Richard describes Samosa Tv as a group of Desi and Multi-ethnic talent based in Los Angeles creating entertaining videos on 0% budget and 100% creative wit!  “We improvise and create short sketch video comedy, I usually come up with the ideas, let the actors improvise and we just shoot and have lots of fun”.  Samosa Tv provides a platform and stepping stone that allows our talented cast to further their creativity and exposure.

Always spicy and never scripted, Samosa TV is truly the originator of the Comedy Sutra!  VindalooneyTV is proud to have collaborated on a number of sketch and parody videos, feel free to watch some of them here, but make sure you nosey aunties or younglings aren’t watching behind you’re back!

Warning: Some content Rated PG-13 and R

[youtubegallery] Prianka Patel “Roommate from Hell|
Car Bait Parody |
Bollywood Bachelor Ep. 2|

Our material can be viewed exclusively on Youtube at this time, subscribe to the SamosaTV youtube page so we can keep you posted with our latest news and videos: