Rahul Nath

Interview: Rahul Nath

Rahul Nath’s recent success with his two films Foreign and Compromise proves that good talent, if backed, can reap rich rewards for the industry 

RahulRahul Nath can’t contain his excitement, and most would agree he has good reason to be thrilled. His recent two releases, Foreign and Compromise have surely been creating some box-office magic. The news is equally heartening for an industry that rarely shows the gumption to invest in daring subjects, but is willing to applaud when the dice falls on the right number. Rahul’s success is as special for him personally, as much as it is a sign that the industry needs to come out of its mind-set of falling back always on safe and secure storylines. The pool of explosive talent needs to make a bang and thankfully with talent like Rahul Nath, that is becoming possible.

The fact that Rahul has proved to be a super success in everything he has accomplished since his arrival in the USA, has given hope to many aspiring actors. “I’d like that to be my calling card,” says he. “The fact that I have worked nonstop since being in the USA, and that I have opened different doors to my talent is something I am very proud of. And I think this will encourage any upcoming talent to do the same. This is a much fraternized industry and it’s rare to get a foot in. In that respect you have to show what you are made of and what you can offer”
Though a supporter of non-stereotypical roles and films he does understands the compulsion under which Hollywood functions. “I guess it’s difficult for studios to take a risk, especially with subjects who they have very little idea about” he says. “Producers need to see something work very well, before they are on board to take on risky and taboo subjects. But I think now that films like Foreign and Compromise have been widely accepted and enjoyed, they will be more ‘open’ to new ideas than they were.”

Compromise We come to his much appreciated role in his film Compromise, where he plays an emotionally broken character, with East Indian traditions and cultures attempting to survive in a bad mouthed society. “The one thing I felt about Karthtik is that he is trying his best, and with that in mind, I let myself go. But besides that I did employ a complex process to get into the skin of the character. For researching purposes, I went to the Indian communities and I started observing the guys there, how they interacted with their parents, siblings, their lingo, their demeanor and basically was trying to get an insight into their thinking.  It was very evident to me, that Karthtik was the guy who made a sacrifice each time something bad would happen, or he would sacrifice to keep the peace in the house.

Rahul Nath played the part so well that you can easily separate him from his on screen character. In real life, the actor is perfectly happy go lucky and yet in the film dark and lacking confidence. “Yes people have mentioned that many times. But I did change myself a lot to become him.  Many of my mannerisms I let go off and I also became very anxious at small instances, because I knew that’s what Karthtik would do. And the other aspect was is I was not sleeping well during the shoot.  It would always be the case that I would be in preparation about the next scene, or the previous thoughts of the last shoot would still be lingering in my mind.  So again a natural aspect of Karhtik was that he was not well rested, and organically, I managed to get that quality.
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Up next for the actor is another mix of roles, with nothing less than hard work attached to it  “I am busy with the pre-production of Commitment, which centers on a gay married couple, who face a traumatic change in their live.  And I am also prepping for Glamour, which has a very juicy role for me, centered on the highs and lows of trying to make it in Hollywood.  Both movies have a lot for me to do, and I am very excited about both of them”

He returns to showing me the recent stills of Compromise, that give you nothing short of a career defining performance from him and also videos of hisrecent campaigns for Virgin America and Travel Zoo.

Many believe he has a lot more to show, but the actor pushes out any compliments and makes it very clear, he is here to work and please his audience. Any doubts then that Rahul is simply the most talented and ambitious star-actors to have arrived!!