Write and Perform “SNL Style” Comedy Sketch Show from Your Own Life Story!

Have you ever told a tragic or embarrassing story and people laughed?

Go on make a horse of y'self!

This course will teach you to improvise scenes from your real life and re-write them into a comedy sketch format with the opportunity to perform your piece in front of a live audience!

When: Classes run from April 16th – June 18th, 2012 (Omit 5/28)
The last class will be the Final Showcase*

Course fee from (Resident) $59 -(Non-Resident) $79
For more details see: www.enjoylearning.com or call (616) 493-8950

Save the date! Monday June 18th, 2012 7-9PM
*Invite your friends and family to see your comedic piece at the “Slice of Life” Sketch Performance Showcase @ The Dog Story Theater in downtown Grand Rapids, MI.

Presented by VindalooneyTV and The Dog Story Theater in collaboration with Forest Hills Community Services.


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