Having been whiny and complainy about being bored for the past year moving to the midwest and transitioning to ‘cowlife’ after my exciting whirlwind city life and global travels mingling with the shallow and elite (there were a couple not to be named, named celebs not including the mini guy from Jackass)…well anyways, I Ms. Vindalooney decided to take the cow by the horns and do something about it and create my own excitement!  Not so much comedy this time (that will soon yield from my latest tragedies I have yet to channel into a comedic piece), but a marketing consultancy business or shall I say a “buzzness” something to make my ma proud in true entrepreneurial indian fashion.

Together with my overzealous, but charismatic (alter-ego) sidekick Buzz Bee we are “creating buzz for businesses!” here in West Michigan catchy eh?

We are launching by producing a pre-Halloween The Haute “Fear of Fashion” Show and Costume Contest in downtown GR, follow us on twitter https://twitter.com/BAMMKTG and join us on FB for more details about us and getting an invite to the event!



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